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Questions & Answers

Here are the most common Questions & Answers:

First off please know when you come in for a session there is NO performance anxiety, No expectations, & most importantly No judgement! This is a safe place for you to be yourself. Rylie has been teaching almost 20 years and has worked with over 100,000 people.

What is a session with Dr Rylie like? When you come in for a session there will be a short consult to start. This will give you a chance to ask any questions. Rylie will explain the process of The Lingam & Prostate Massage. The session is meant for you to relax and get away from the craziness of life. Here you can be yourself & learn something new.​​   

What will I learn during a session?​ During a session you are going to be able to just focus on you. You are going to learn to separate orgasms from ejaculation as well as learning how to have multiple orgasms.You will also learn the "right" way to masturbate. Meaning the healthy way so that it benefits your Prostate. 

What are the benefits of The Lingam & The Prostate Massage? The Lingam & The Prostate have many benefits. You will learn to a new way to masturbate which will benefit your Prostate health. You will also learn to have multiple orgasms. You can read the description of The Lingam & The Prostate massage on the For Men tab.

What is so special about The Prostate Massage?​ The Prostate Massage is the male "P" spot. It is extremely pleasurable as well as incredibly important for your Prostate health. Over time your Prostate gland fills up with fluid and the only way to get it flushed out is thru Prostate Massage.  

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Also known as ED. ED is when "things" are not working like they used to. This may be something that happened once or it may be an ongoing issues. Tantra can teach you to overcome this issue with practice. 

What is PreMature Ejaculation? Also known as PE. PE is when you don't last as long as you would like to. This could be not lasting 5 minutes or 50 minutes. You can become in control of when you ejaculate. Tantra can teach you to overcome this issue with practice.

How many sessions will it take? There is no way to know how many sessions because everyone is different. You will learn the techniques during your first session. You will need to work on things at home as well. The more you practice what you learn in the sessions the quicker you will get to where you want to be.

When should I start being concerned about my Prostate Health? It used to be at 40 you should start getting annual check ups. Now at 30 you should go in and get an image of your Prostate so you know your base line. The image is very important, it is the best way to know exactly the size of your Prostate. 

Do you see couples? Yes, Rylie does see couples. During that session the lady would learn how to do The Lingam & Prostate Massage on the male & the male would learn how to do The Yoni massage on the female which is the female g spot.

Is this a sexual session? No this is not at all about anything sexual. When you come in for a session it is for you to learn. This is not a massage parlor nor is it anything like it. There are many different types of Tantra. Rylie is not a "Goddess". There is no mutual touching. This session is not just about ejaculation. After the Lingam & Prostate Massage it is recommended that there is a release to flush all of the fluid out of the Prostate. However the session is to focused on you learning to connect your mind & body. You will most likely forget Rylie is even in the room.

What does Rylie wear during the session? Rylie wears leggings & a t-shirt. Rylie does not do the sessions topless or nude. Please do not ask!

What locations do you have? The main locations are NYC & NJ. 

What information do I need to give when booking a session? You just need to provide your first name & age.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay, & Credit Cards

Do you accept Insurance? No we are sorry this type of therapy is not covered

Do you only see men? No Rylie works with Men, Women & Couples

Can I learn The Yoni massage during a session? No I'm sorry The Yoni is the female "G" spot massage. Rylie doesn't not have a model for you to practice on. If you bring in a partner then yes you can learn it during the session. 

Is Rylie in the tub with me in the 120 min session? No the bubble bath is a solo bath. It is mean to get your mind & body relaxed before the massage part of the session. 

Can I do The Lingam massage without doing The Prostate? Yes you can however its recommended doing them together for the health benefits. If your afraid of The Prostate because you have never done it before at least talk it over with Rylie during the consult part of the session.

Is there mutual touching during the session?​ No Rylie has boundaries & there is no mutual touching. Please remember this session is not focused on Rylie. The session is for you to learn to connect your mind & body. During the session you will just want to be relaxed and focus on you.

What happens if I release early before the session is over?​ The session continues even if you release early. It doesn't often happen. You will be learning to separate orgasms from ejaculation. The focus on the session is not just the release. 

Does Rylie engage in fetishes or fantasies? No you are welcome to share them during the consult, however Rylie does not engage in those during the session.