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Tantra Sessions, Holistic Teaching of Mind* Body*Energies*Innerself* Sacred Sex Coaching
Ask your self these very important questions about your Intimate Life....

Tantra Sacred Sex Coaching!

Everyone today is having "SEX", Are YOU having the BEST SEX?????

Can you answer these questions about your

"Experience the Realization of a True Orgasm!"

~~ Have you ever wondered why it is that many of us have never truly experienced an Orgasm?

~~ Are you able to distinguish between Ejaculation and Orgasm?

~~ Do you know why women are always "wet" but claim to never have an Orgasm?

~~ Is it true that you can "Control" your Orgasms?

~~ Why do some men Ejaculate Prematurely?

~~ If you have been married for 10+ years, are you ready to rekindle your Sex-Life?

~~ Do you know your partners Needs, Desires, Fears, and Fantasies?

"If you answered no....are you willing to learn?"

~~ Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

~~ Has it been a while since you tried something new, sexually?

~~ Do you have toys for your sex life?  Are you willing to introduce them?

~~ Have you ever been sexually violated?

~~ Have you ever used a prescription drug to enhance sexual performance?

~~ Are you currently taking any medications for depression or anxiety?

~~ Are you familiar with Tantra "Sacred Sex?"

~~ Would you like to learn more about these topics and much more?
Phone Sessions

   Would you like to attend an R&R Tantra Intimate Remedies Workshop or Seminar or counsel with Dr. Rylie and have her coach you, but you live far away, can't make the time, or just simply don't have the money for a Workshop or Seminar.

Don't worry Dr. Rylie now offers Phone Sessions.

   During a phone session, Dr. Rylie can help you learn to grow personally, help repair and enhance your relationship and learn Tantra....... The Fine Art of Sacred Sexuality.

   Couples learn how to heal age-old wounds and go deeper than ever before in their relationships and overcome issues that could be standing in the way of them building a strong healthy, sexual relationship. If interested you will be guided through the 3 different Tantric Massages that we offer.

   Singles will receive valuable life changing counseling and coaching. You will learn how to use a very simple meditation technique that can help you through everyday stresses in life.

  You will learn how to direct your mind to more of a Tantric way of thinking. Once you have your mind transformed to a less stressful,  more energized way of thinking. You will notice that when you decide to start a relationship, you will have a new outlook on how to build a healthy, sexual relationship.

     Schedule your phone sessions with Dr. Rylie as a Couple or Individual.

email info@rnrtantra.com to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of our Tantrashops


Ancient Tantric Secrets of Ecstasy...  


Sizzling Love AND Spiritual Enlightenment!


  R & R  Tantra Intimate Remedies 



Dr. Rylie's mission when having Tantrashops is to teach couples how to get the very most out of their relationships. There is so much to a partnership and it carries many different levels. It is important to learn how to connect on each one of those levels.


R & R Tantrashops are based for couples with an open mind who wants to try new things and learn about each other on a whole new level. When you arrive all you need to do is have an open mind and be willing to try new things and look at things in a different light.

Tantrashops are very beneficial in teaching coupes The Art of Sacred Sex. Sacred Sex is not just "intercourse" it is the feelings and the connections 2 people should experience during the time of sharing themselves with one another.



Tantra can help you:




AND, the good news is, that's not all you will learn at this phenomenal event, because  Dr. Rylie  will be teaching you:





To register please go to the "Registration" tab on the website and follow the instructions. It is very important you complete the information for R & R.





***no nudity in our Tantrashops***

***Must be 21 and over to attend***






Stay & Play Sleep Over for Couples
Stay & Play Sleep Over for Couples

*Lodging at a 4 star Hotel (excludes meals, drinks etc)

*Private session in your room with Dr. Rylie the evening of The Stay & Play Sleep Over.

*Stay & Play Sleep over Gift Basket includes everything a couple needs for your "Tantra Sacred Sex" evening together.

*Learn all 3 Tantra Massages Tantra offers.

*R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies book of exercises, activities, worksheets, etc.

*How to clear your mind and learn to meditate.

*Learn to express your wants, needs and desires to your partner using communication that you will learn in the    Workshop.


R & R Intimate Remedies will provide lodging for your overnight getaway.

This includes your room for the night. It does not include Meals, Drinks, Internet and Room Service.

If you are unable to get time away for the Stay & Play sleepover you can always set up a private session with Dr. Rylie.

You can also order the worksheets and handouts via email for you and your partner to practice at home. It also includes the exercises for guiding you through your first Tantra experience.

For couples who feel more comfortable in their own home R & R respects that and you may email us to find out if it is possible for Dr. Rylie can come to your home. She does do "outcalls" for special occasions.